Four Causes of Action Dismissed in California DePuy ASR Hip Trial, the Rottenstein Law Group Reports

by Mariella on February 1, 2013 1 Comment

On the eve of the nation’s first DePuy ASR hip replacement trial in California, the lawsuit will proceed with 10 of 14 asserted causes of action, the Rottenstein Law Group reports.

According to court documents, the allegations include the following asserted causes of action in the trial (In re: Loren Kransky and Sheryl Kransky v. DePuy, Inc., et al., BC456086, Los Angeles Superior Court): negligence; strict products liability, design defect; strict products liability, failure to warn; failure to adequately test; breach of express warranty; breach of implied warranty of merchantability; breach of implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose; fraudulent misrepresentation; intentional misrepresentation; and negligent misrepresentation.

Also according to the court documents: The plaintiffs agreed to voluntarily dismiss “loss of consortium” as a cause of action. The court dismissed three more at the request of the defendants: strict products liability, manufacturing defect; negligent recall; and unlawful, unfair and fraudulent business practices in violation of California Business and Professions Code Section 17200, et seq.

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Simple Tips from Experts On How to Relieve Osteoarthritis Pains

by Mariella on January 22, 2013 1 Comment


Osteoarthritis is a very common disease that most men and women among us may acquire it to a certain degree if we live long enough. This condition affects more than 50 million Americans and this is expected to increase as more people become old.



Other medical conditions may lead to this disease but the main cause is the wear and tear of the joint over the years which may be aggravated by certain factors. Disorders such as hemophilia, avascular necrosis, and other types of arthritis have been known to lead to osteoarthritis. Factors that increase the chances of getting this disease include injuries to the joints, being overweight, engaging in activities that strain the joints, and even genetic factors.



We do not have to accept this condition and live in pain for the rest of our lives even if this is part of the ageing process. We do not have to be immobilized and watch with envy other people going through with their lives in a normal manner. The pain may be eased or prevented from becoming worse by simply making lifestyle changes.



Among the things we can do right now are the following: 

• Engaging in gentle exercises designed to maintain the joints and their movements. Swimming and other water exercises are highly recommended since water is neutralized thereby eliminating stress placed on the joints. It would also be best to ask your healthcare provider for recommendations for the appropriate type of exercise. 

• Extra weight adds stress to the cartilages which interferes with the bones, thus increasing the chances of inflammation, pain, and swelling, therefore it is very important to maintain the ideal weight. The best thing to do is work with an expert and come up with a program for your weight maintenance. 

• This condition may also be addressed by using heat and cold treatments. When joints become swollen, hot, and tender, the best solution would be heat since cold would make it very painful. Ice, on the other hand, may be used to prevent pain especially after the joints have been stressed from overuse or work. 

• Following a healthy and balanced diet is another way of dealing with this condition. Aside from keeping your ideal weight, some foods are recommended for arthritis while a lot are strictly prohibited.



These are just a few suggestions that can ease the suffering and allow us to go through with the usual daily activities. Mere following of these simple tips may save us from those expensive medications or surgeries. It will save us from getting to the point where we have to undergo procedures like hip replacement.



Hip replacement would be the last thing any sufferer would want and anybody may do worse by having an implant that may be defective as encountered by many patients. These devices have allegedly caused serious complications and have led to numerous actions such as the Depuy ASR hip lawsuits. To learn more about this, you may visit





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